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            Traceable Incident Baseline ...SANITISE CAN DO!

SANITISE - School & Park Ready! : Perth and Fremantle businesses Softfallguys and indigenous business  Koolangkamia are statewide ready to support..

Service - Kool20 ~ Hard Surface Sanitising (treating playgrounds, parks, community areas, schools etc) Ask now

Product - KOOL10 Hand Sanitiser WA alcohol free ISO 9001 WA manufactured products, delivered & supplied!   Get answers now email or call..

SANITISING: Hard Surface Sanitising & Hand SanitiseR

Community Hand Sanitiser

Hard Surface Sanitising Services

Community Hand Sanitiser


Community Hand Sanitisers

Product Code: Kool10

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 A ready to use anti-bacterial and anti-viral hand gel that sanitises without the need for water or Alcohol!


Developed in response to the Human Corona Virus Outbreak and the ensuing alcohol shortage this products active ingredient kills 99.99% of germs and bugs such as E-coli, Staph and Pseudomonas.  

This non-hazardous product is intentionally slow drying to achieve an excellent kill rate and is not subject to any special transport or usage restrictions.  

Users & uses: home and workplace, tourism, health, mine sites, oil & gas platforms, ships or facilities where hygiene is critical to prevent the spread of germs, bugs or contamination.  ISO9001

Product & service MSDS, Safety and other sheets available as is information on our products being harmless, having long history, experience, usage, history, manufacturer and customer statements

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Hard Surface Sanitising Services

Community Hand Sanitiser



Schools, Tourist, Council Parks, Playgrounds & Outdoor Equipment... 

  • Sanitised
  • Fixings tightened
  • Safety checked 
  • Bunting removed
  • Image Report delivered

All ready and sanitised for relaunch with traceable incident & sanitised baseline. 

Be ready with confidence.


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Hard Surface Sanitising Services

Hard Surface Sanitising Services

Hard Surface Sanitising Services


Hard Surface Sanitising 

Spray & fogging Services 

Product Code: Kool20

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All hard surface spray, mist & fogging disinfecting & sanitising across a host of industries and areas including metro or community park facilities & playgrounds, residential, child & aged care, Hospitals, Food Processing, Producers, Hotels, Mining, Accom & Tourism.

We will open your playgrounds sanitised, structurally checked, bolts tightened and deliver you a report!

Used as recommended breaks down to water & oxygen, wont fade paintwork, ideal for all kinds of hard surface sanitisation in homes, community facilities and streets, workplaces, mining, remote communities and used in food areas via sprayer, misting, fogger or soak application. 

Safe to use once diluted  with potable water on most surfaces that are not harmed by water alone.  Manufacturer claims the product kills 99.99% germs & bugs  and is appropriate for home and workplace use and that according to the Journal of Hospital Infection & Healthcare  Infection Society the active ingredient when present at 0.5%  concentration is known to kill 99.99% of human coronavirus within 1  minute of wet contact time on hard surfaces. 

Users & uses+: Residential, some of largest Hospitals, Indigenous Groups, Food Processors, Poultry Producers, Hotels, Mining & Tourism facilities. ISO9001

PLAYGROUND & Softfall Sanitise, REPAIR & cARE

softfall, rubber, shockpads, mats, gym mats koolangkamia softfallguys softfall

Your Advantage

Your Advantage

Your Advantage


Our focus is providing product, expertise, playground repair & care services to local small and big indigenous business...

Leveraging local community knowledge, skills, expertise, planning & putting community investment to optimal use! 

We are a majority indigenous Australian owned consulting, supply, design, install, repair & care of everything rubber, playgrounds, softfall  rubber, water parks, gym Platile shockpad rubber mat systems and synthetic turf surfaces

 business across all regions of  Australia.

Buy direct at trade prices, leverage our capability, knowledge, expertise & contacts Australia  wide across 

Mining, maintenance, landscaping, councils, aged/child care centres, schools, sporting clubs, gyms, across residential,  industrial and commercial areas. 

Your 1st stop for information, contacts, product direct and research.


Joseph Woods or Glenn Hankinson 

Rarely beaten on price, commitment or quality

softfall, rubber, shockpads, mats, gym mats koolangkamia softfallguys softfall

Who are we?

Your Advantage

Your Advantage



(child play) 

Softfallguys National 

have  combined in 2019 to provide Government, Mining Corporations, Builder &  Developers, Landscapers to Designers and most importantly other  Indigenous Business, Corporations & Land Owners a leading capability and the edge

We sell & freight as Trade Direct or  DIY, 

Design, Supply, Install, Maintain, Repair & Care 


everything things rubber, softfall, water & splashpark safety surfacing, synthetic surfacing and sanitisers. 

Supply Nation Registered see here.

softfall, rubber, shockpads, mats, gym mats koolangkamia softfallguys softfall

What we offer!

Your Advantage

What we offer!

Hand sanitiser product & 

Hard surface sanitising Services

AVAILABLE NOW ~ Community facility & playground relaunching, tourism, mining... 


Softfall safety surfacing, certified gym and Platile mat SYSTEMS, ALL products rubber, playgrounds & play equipment supply & repair

and all other

· The best credentials you can leverage

· trade supply, install, maintaining, repairing & caring for all areas of; 

· Parks, 

· play equipment sanitising, supply, 

repair & care, pullouts,

. Naturescapes,

· softfall surfacing, 

bulk product buffings and granule rubber,

- sandpit conversions to or from softfall

· indigenous design & art capability

· Labour supply

· Industry knowledge, does and donts 

· And all other matters in our space

Australian  Standards & Compliant product include everything from gym mats, mat  & cushion shockpad systems, rubber chip, granule & buffings +  binders + specialised mixer sales & hire, lightning & comfort  mats, playground paint,  play animals, waterparks to repair works.